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Yeticon Yeti Mascot Statuette - DangerousLadies

Yeticon Yeti Mascot Statuette

For the YetiCon 2023 we were tasked to create a trophy for the Cosplay Hall Awards and what better way to honour the con and cosplayers alike than with an adorable relic of the Yeti mascot itself!

  1. Initial Renders
  2. Build Process
  3. Completed Project

Initial Renders

The main criteria for the Yeti, besides being incredibly cute, was to evoke the look of an ancient relic carved from stone. We textured the surface of the model to give it a hand-carved and whittled surface.

yeti statuette render


Build Process

After printing the master in resin and bodyshopping out print lines, we cast the yeti in clear resin filled with a granite effect filler, giving him a mottled ice blue colour. We put a darker blue wash overtop to bring out facial details. He is cast partially hollow to keep weight down, but he's still pleasantly weighted and sits comfortably in the hand.

yeti-uvcure yeti-resin-raw

Completed Project

With our small trove of yetis at the ready, the Dangerous Ladies searched among the cosplayers at YetiCon for the lucky recipients of the Cosplay Hall Awards. It was so much fun handing out these little guys to all the wonderful people we met at the convention and hope to do it again!

Cosplayers with Their Trophies!

Email us to submit your photos, or send them to us on Twitter.
Featured: knovice cosplay, bird__king, lutavia cosplay, earlcraytea.

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