Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get. If you have questions about shipping or store policies, please check our store policies page.


Who are the Dangerous Ladies?

We’re a collective of artists and crafters who make custom kits, textiles, digital files and props for cosplayers and private clients. If you want to meet the team, click here!

Where are you based?

Toronto, Canada

If you're Canadian, why do you price in USD?

Most of our business goes to the United States.

Do you make everything in-house?

Everything is made-to-order and all our products are made in-house, save for our fabrics.

How do fabrics/leggings/clothing pieces work?

All textiles are designed by our team in-house. When you place an order for a fabric, we turn around and inform our printers of the order. From there, they either ship the finished fabrics directly to you, or ship them to our shop in Toronto they require any cutting or additional quality control.

Orders on fabric are fulfilled through Art of Where in Montreal, Canada. They generally take 7-14 days processing depending on the time of year and how busy they are.

I want to make a large purchase, do you offer payment plans?

Yes we do! Please contact us if you're interested in a payment plan.

  • We accept payment plans for orders $100usd and over before shipping (if applicable).
  • Payment plans are available on commissions and existing items in our shop.
  • Payment plans on physical goods must be paid in full 2-weeks before the shipping date; please keep this in mind if you have deadlines. We’ll work with you to put together a timeline and ensure you get your items on time.
  • Payment plans on digital goods must be paid 2-weeks in full before your desired delivery date.
  • We require an initial non-refundable deposit of at least 20% in order to secure your slot. This does not mean we will begin work immediately, as we prioritize orders that are paid in full
  • You may only have one payment plan open with us at one time. If you’d like to place additional orders you must provide payment in full, or settle up your existing plan.
    If you wish to cancel your payment plan, we refund whatever hasn't already been allotted to labour and materials thus far. Your deposit remains non-refundable.
  • We have the right to refuse or cancel payment plans; while we try to avoid cancelling whenever possible, if circumstances arise that make us unable to complete your commission, we will give you as much advance notice as possible and a full refund, including deposit.

3D Print Files

What are 3D Print Files? What kind of files do you provide?

Print files are digital products you can use to print our props at home on your 3D Printer. Our files come in .stl format and are generally sliced for 200mm x 200mm printer beds or larger.

If you need files sliced for a smaller bed, or altered in any way, contact us! Alteration fees start at $10usd.

I don’t have a 3D Printer at home, will you print [x] files for me?

Absolutely! If you don’t see the accessories you want listed as a kit, contact us for a
quote and timeline.

My print is not coming out as expected. Can you help me?

We can help you through basic troubleshooting and intricacies of individual files.

Please contact us with specific questions and provide screenshots or photos where appropriate. We also recommend this printer troubleshooting guide that can help you self-diagnose common issues.

Kits & Finishing

What constitutes as a kit?

A kit is an unfinished, unpainted cast-resin or printed assortment of pieces. While we pride ourselves on clean work that is practically ready to go, some minor sanding of sharp edges and filling of bubbles is necessary on occasion. Unless you intend to make drastic changes to a piece, resin pieces can be put in a ready-to-paint state in fifteen minutes or less.

"Raw" kits tend to have flashing, pour spouts and additional sanding work to be prepared before painting.

Every kit is hand-made. While we maintain consistent moulds, it is natural for hand-made items to have tiny variations between pieces.

What resins do you use?

Most of our pieces are cast from Smooth-On 30 urethane resin or 325/326 for clear casting resin.

For specialty pieces we use:

  • Smooth-On's ONYX (Fast and Slow)
  • Smooth-On's 45D, 57D, 60D(semi-rigid urethane resin)
  • Smooth-On's Vytaflex (20-40 shore urethane rubber)
  • Smooth-On's Ure-Fil 15 (Micro ballon filler for light weight
  • Smooth-On's Foam-It and FlexFoam-It series

For more information: https://www.smooth-on.com/

Why are pieces sometimes different shades or colours?

We tint our pieces with a pigment these days because it helps us with quality control and makes it easier to photograph. It varies slightly from batch to batch. Sometimes your pieces may come from different batches and colour will vary.

Do you need primer for these kits?

We recommend it to improve paint adhesion. While textured pieces will hold just about any paint very well, very smooth pieces sometimes have trouble accepting certain paints as the paint doesn't have much to cling to.

Alternatively, you can rough up the surface gently with a 320-grit sandpaper.

What products do you use to finish your own kits?

We generally prefer automotive paints like Duplicolor's Metalcast series. Paints intended for plastics (like Krylon) work wonderfully as well for non-metallic colours.

Check out our Basic Supplies for Bodyshopping article for a comprehensive list of everytihng you'll need.

Can I heat form resin pieces?

Absolutely. It is easy to heat up a piece with a heat gun or a strong hairdryer and form it as desired. It is very possible to fold a thin piece completely in half with a bit of care. Thicker pieces will take a bit more time.

We recommend working slow and in stages; if you heat a piece too much it may warp, and if you try to bend it without sufficient heat it will crack/snap.

I still need help finishing my kit!

Check out our tutorial blog for tips on how to sand, prime, paint and assemble your kits. Some specific guides we have are:

Can you finish my kit for me?

Some of our kits have ‘finished’ options already up in the shop, but if you’re not seeing the one you want, email us for a quote! We take finished prop requests on a case-by-case basis.

Commissions & Requests

May I resell kits/items I don't end up using?

Of course! Tag us on social media and we'll signal boost to help you out.

May I commission a fully finished prop, accessory, or finished cosplay?

Send us an email! We take on private commissions on a case-by-case basis and provide quotes on request.

May I commission a custom kit?

Fill out our commission form. By default, we list whatever we make in store and take on private commissions on a case-by-case basis. We will provide quotes on request.

I have an idea for a new kit!

Awesome! Send us an email; we can't promise we'll do it, but we'd love to give it some consideration.

I have other questions. How can I contact you?

The best place to get in touch with us is through our contact
or dangerousladies@icloud.com.