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Dangerous Ladies 3D Printed Cosplay Props

Hi, We're the Dangerous Ladies!

We've been providing resin kits, 3D printed props, patterns, textiles, and other accessories to cosplayers since 2014.

Currently, we have six full-time employees working out of our studio in Toronto, Canada. We all come from different career experiences and backgrounds, but share a united passion for cosplay.

We all discovered cosplay during a time where it was difficult to buy costuming supplies, let alone costume pieces themselves. Today, being able to help new or more inexperienced cosplayers is really important to us, particularly in empowering people to craft. We've always found the ability to say "I did this myself" to be one of the most rewarding feelings in this wonderful hobby, and so kits allow costumers to put their own spin on everything.

We're looking forward to cosplaying with you!

Part of why we started doing this was that we started cosplaying before you could buy costumes or props or even wigs, and when those things became readily available, we saw some cosplayers get discouraged––they wanted to make their own costumes but they felt intimidated by all the details and that just buying the costumes wasn’t as personally rewarding to them.

Not everyone wants to sit down and make forty identical buttons out of craft foam or worbla, and not everyone has access to 3D printing, resin, custom-printed fabrics, or laser cutting… If a kit was available, people could focus on other parts, making the whole process less intimidating or time-consuming. Seeing people make things they would have found too intimidating otherwise is really rewarding, and we’ve also had the privilege of watching many of our clients grow as artists.

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Toronto, Ontario
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