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Who are the Dangerous Ladies?

We're a small woman owned and operated, LGBTQ+ friendly costuming company that has been cosplaying together for a decade and providing resin kits, 3D printed props, patterns, textiles, and other accessories to cosplayers since 2014. We’re based in Toronto, Canada.

Our Mission: Customizable and Accessible Costuming Supplies

When we first started cosplaying in the early 2000s, it was difficult to buy crafting materials, let alone cosplay-specific materials and resources. We've always found the ability to say "I did this myself" to be one of the most rewarding feelings in this wonderful hobby, and so we strive to create kits, 3D print files, fabrics and patterns that empower cosplayers to make their cosplay dreams come true.

Endwalker's Cape Heraldry Fabric Textiles cosplay DangerousLadies

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Up to 50% off fabrics and ready-to-wear clothing.
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Yuna's Tiny Bee Pistols [3D Printed Kit] 3D Printed Kit cosplay DangerousLadies

Seconds Sale

Seconds, Masters, and Murder-a-Mould Sale!
Once they're gone, they're gone!

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Sustainability and Cosplay: 3D Printed Kits and Shipping

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