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Character and Kit Masterlist - Overwatch - DangerousLadies

Character and Kit Masterlist - Overwatch

A master list of all our Overwatch cosplay costumes and kits. If you're looking for a specific character, you can use CTRL+F (CMD+F on Mac) and type the character's name.

If you don't see something you're looking for, click here to commission us!

Featured in our header image is: Emmy in our D.Va Palanquin Fabric and Pattern Book
Photo taken by: Jenn
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Ana's Cabana Fabric
Ana's Corsair Cape Fabric
Cole Cassidy's Armour and Accessories [3D Print Files]'s Academy Fabric's Black Cat Dress Fabric's Black Cat Legging Fabric's Classic Accessories [3D Print Files]'s Cruiser Fabric's Palanquin Fabric's Palanquin Pattern Book [Digital Pattern]'s Waveracer Fabric
Junker Queen's Accessories [3D Print Files]
Kiriko's Lifeguard Crop Top
Lifeweaver's Belt Fabric
Lifeweaver's Pants Fabric
Mei's Classic Leggings
Mei's Pajama Fabric
Mercy's Celestial Leggings
Mercy's Classic Leggings
Mercy's Combat Medic Leggings
Mercy's Orchid Leggings
Sombra's Antifragile Scarf Fabric
Sombra's Antifragile Slay Star Leggings
Tracer's Graffiti Leggings
Zarya's 80s Leggings

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