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Character and Kit Masterlist - Final Fantasy Series - DangerousLadies

Character and Kit Masterlist - Final Fantasy Series

A master list of all our Final Fantasy Series cosplay costumes and kits. If you're looking for a specific character, you can use CTRL+F (CMD+F on Mac) and type the FF# or character's name.

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If you don't see something you're looking for, click here to commission us!

Featured in our header image is: Jules with Terra's Enhancer Sword 
Photo by: Paul Hillier Photography
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Terra's Sword [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/terras-enhancer-3d-print-files
Terra's Sword [3D Printed Kit] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/terras-enhancer-sword-3d-printed-kit
Edgar Figaro's Chainsaw [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/edgars-chainsaw
Locke's Thief Knife [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/lockes-thief-knife-3d-print-files-1
Locke's Devoted Returner [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/lockes-thief-knife-3d-print-files

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Rinoa's Rising Sun and Pinwheel [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/rinoas-rising-sun-and-pinwheel-3d-print-files
Rinoa's Pinwheel [3D Printed Kit] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/rinoas-pinwheel-3d-printed-kit

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Garnet's Crystal Necklace [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/garnets-crystal-necklace-3d-print-files
Garnet's Crystal Pendant Kit [3D Print Kit] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/garnets-crystal-pendant-kit
Garnet's Princess Crown [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/garnets-princess-crown-3d-print-files

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FFX / X-2

Lulu's Hairsticks [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/lulus-hairsticks-3d-print-files
Rikku's Ribbon Clips [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/rikkus-ribbon-clips-3d-print-files
Yuna's Tiny Bee Pistols [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/yunas-tiny-bee-pistols-3d-print-files
Yuna's Tiny Bee Pistols [3D Print Kit] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/yunas-tiny-bee-pistols-3d-printed-kit
Yuna's Summoner Staff [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/yunas-summoning-staff-3d-print-files
Yuna's Summoner Staff [3D Print Kit] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/yunas-summoner-staff-3d-printed-kit
Paine's Accessories [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/paines-accessories-3d-print-files

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Ashe's Brooch and Buckle [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/ashes-brooch-and-buckle-3d-print-files

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FFXIII / XIII-2 / Lightning Returns

Lightning's Crimson Shield [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/lightnings-crimson-shield-3d-print-files-1
Lightning's Crimson Shield [3D Print Kit] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/lightnings-crimson-shield-3d-printed-kit
Lightning's Crimson Blitz Sword [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/lightnings-crimson-blitz-sword-3d-print-files
Fang's Bladed Lance [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/fangs-bladed-lance-3d-print-files
Fang's Bladed Lance [3D Printed Kit] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/fangs-bladed-lance-3d-printed-kit

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Aera's Jewelry [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/aeras-jewelry-3d-print-files
Ardyn's Daggers [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/ardyns-dagger-3d-print-files
Ignis' Avengers Daggers [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/ignis-avengers-daggers-3d-print-files
Ignis' Avengers Daggers [3D Print Kit] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/ignis-avengers-daggers-3d-printed-kit
Ignis' Shirt Fabric https://dangerousladies.ca/products/ignis-shirt-fabric
Iris' Fabrics https://dangerousladies.ca/products/iriss-fabrics
Lunafreya's Trident of the Oracle [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/lunafreyas-trident-of-the-oracle-3d-print-files
Noctis' Shirt Fabric https://dangerousladies.ca/products/noctis-shirt-fabric
Noctis' Sword of the Father [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/noctis-sword-of-the-father-3d-print-files
Prompto's Bandana Fabric https://dangerousladies.ca/products/promptos-bandanna-kit
Prompto's Shirt Tails Fabric https://dangerousladies.ca/products/promptos-shirt-tails-fabric
Prompto's Tank Top https://dangerousladies.ca/products/promptos-tank-top

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FF Origins

Jack's Buster Sword [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/jacks-stranger-of-paradise-buster-sword-3d-print-files
Warrior of Light Thigh Buckles [3D Print Files] https://dangerousladies.ca/products/warrior-of-light-thigh-buckle-3d-print-files

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Final Fantasy Misc

Moogle Figurine "Pudding" https://dangerousladies.ca/products/moogle-figurine-pudding
Chocobo Figurine "Bobby Corwen" https://dangerousladies.ca/products/chocobo-figurine-bobby-corwen

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