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Zelda's Zonai Princess Accessories Kit

Zelda's Zonai Princess Accessories Kit

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An accessory for Zelda's Zonai outfit from Tears of the Kingdom. Available in plain grey resin, cold cast in bronze pigment, or fully finished and ready to attach to your own tabard. You can buy the full kit, or just a few pieces! We have listed the earrings and the secret stone separately. The pieces are textured to look like stone!

The kit is meant to work with Indigo Pattern's Zelda dress pattern.

The FULL KIT includes, in order of what's pictured:

  • Main Tabard
  • Tiara Pieces with a tiny gem
  • Earrings with translucent, hollow brightblooms
  • Necklace beads and a translucent secret stone
  • Shoe Pieces
  • Upper armband beads
  • Underbust beads
  • Bracelet beads
  • Anklet beads

Pieces are resin cast solid with filler to keep the weight down.

The beads can be linked by either attaching jewelry rings to the back or drilling through them and then linked with elastic cord; we don’t pre-drill them. 

We suggest attaching rings to the tops of the bust beads and sewing them to the dress that way or sewing them to a twill tape or chain that then snaps or hooks to the dress under the white flap so they can be removed for storage/dress washing.

Kits will include lots of extra beads, but we will need measurements to make sure everything fits you, please include in the order notes:

  1. Bicep circumference, both biceps!
  2. Wrist circumference, both wrists!
  3. Left ankle circumference
  4. Bustline. Measure the distance between your nipples but running around the BACK only; the tabard will go in the front of your body, so you don’t need that measurement.
  5. If your neck circumference is larger than 16", let us know!

Earrings are hollow and resin printed in a semi transparent white durable material. They are quite large so they can still feel a little weighty, so if you’d prefer smaller-than-accurate ones, just let us know and we can print smaller.

The fully finished kit will include snaps on the back of the tabard-beads and their matching counterparts for you to attach to your own tabard.

Glue, paints and tools not included. Please allow 1-2 weeks for production, as everything is made to order!

Feel free to tag us to show us what you print and make! We love to see finished works!


resin, plastic


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