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Meteion's Accessories Kit

Meteion's Accessories Kit

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Kits for Meteion! There are three versions, so read carefully.

Belt is designed for a 28-32" waist but can be worn by other sizes with a bit more or less of a gap or by changing where you wear it on your waist or hips. Leg portion covers between 20-26" depending on how you space it.

VYTAFLEX: These are urethane rubber with silver cold-cast and a blue backing and power mesh fabric embedded for strength. Vytaflex will take some weathering but generally will not hold paint; they are the color they are! As such, if you have any specific requests for the color (ie "I want it silver but with a black base instead of blue base") you can make 'em and we'll make it happen! It's all the same moulds. Rigging these can be fun; you can either glue them directly to your thigh-high, or you can superglue snaps to them so you can snap them on and off. I think these are the easiest most durable flexible option because you don't have to mess around with heat forming AND vytaflex adores superglue.

RESIN: This is the "budget" version with the leg pieces cast in plain resin which you can heat form, and the brooch is just a paintable gem. This version does NOT include the back of thigh curves or the foot curves, and the belt comes in 45D, a flexible resin that is paintable but isn't quite as flexible as rubber or silicone. When heat forming, go slow, take your time; if you heat up too fast, you can warp the pieces in the wrong way. I suggest wrapping your leg in a thin towel and then using a hair dryer and bending until it's got the right curve. (You may also want have a bucket of cold cold water nearby so you can dunk the heated/shaped piece in to flash freeze it back in place) We do include some extra pieces so you can test/practice!

SILICONE: These are silicone rubber with silver cold-cast and a blue backing. If you know how to work with silicone and would rather permanently adhere them to your leggings/tights with silicone, we can cast them in silicone. These are more durable than vytaflex, as it's a lot more "bouncy", and it has stretch to it, but attaching it can be a little harrowing because you've got one shot at it and they're attached permanently. To attach, ideally you have the leggings/tights unsewn or still in a flat piece, mark off where you want everything to be with chalk, and then apply a thin layer of silicone (or a silicone glue like SilPoxy) to the place you want it to adhere. You want to cover the outline as close as possible without going outside "the lines". Then once cured, you'll apply a second layers, and then gently place the Meteion silicone cast piece in place. You can use sewing pins to "pin" it in place if you want to make sure it stays in place, but as it's laid flat, it should be fine. (You can also do this on a pre-sewn legging pulled over a fake leg or something, but you won't want to do it on your own body because cure time + moving human bodies + trying to glue it on yourself from a weird angle seldom works out as well.) The results of this are, in my opinion, the most impressive. Additionally, silicone cannot be weathered or painted; they are the color they are!

If you'd like a custom version of this kit in any way, shape or form, email us at dangerousladies@icloud.com or include it in your notes on this order and we'll get in touch. This includes requests for specific colors for the Vytaflex or silicone (ie "I want it silver but with a black base instead of blue base" "I want my Meteion to be hot pink instead!")

Anyway, this is what the kit includes:
- x2 back thigh curve
- x2 thigh emblem
- x2 knee diamond joint
- x2 knee dome
- x2 foot diamond
- x2 ankle diamond
- x2 calf front
- x2 calf back
- x2 thigh back detail
- x2 heel detail
- x2 foot curve
- x6 curve
- x2 belt pieces (left and right)
- x1 brooch (gem center)

Glue, paints and tools not included. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production, as everything is made to order!




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