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Edelgard's Emperor Accessories [3D Print Files]

Edelgard's Emperor Accessories [3D Print Files]

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Dangerous Ladies' 3D model for Emperor Edelgard's Headdress and Accessories
Model by Jennifer Rezny (@quicksparrows)

.stl format.

Pre-sliced for printing on a 20cmx20cmx20cm bed, though it will fit smaller.

The disc with the horn attached has a completely flat back so it prints with minimal supports on the base. It has four slots for the pegs on the "donut" support; this donut can be wrapped with wig fiber to create "Leia" buns.

There's a hole on the underside of the donut; you can install a Chicago screw base in here that can then screw to a headband worn under the wig, or you can simply glue it to a headband worn overtop. The hole in the donut is a good space for your ear but it can be worn higher.

The horn itself prints in two pieces with a key to assemble and align. This ensures the base can print flat and improves print stability and minimizes support. Please remember to mirror the file when printing so you don't end up with two left horns :)

The collar is printed front and back and has joints for connecting them.

Files include:
- Reference images
- .stl files

Please do not redistribute or resell. Intended for personal use only. Commercial use must buy a new copy for each item produced.

Feel free to tag us to show us what you print and make! We love to see finished works.

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