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Destiny Island School Fabric

Destiny Island School Fabric

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One panel of check fabric for Kairi and Selphie's skirt and tie. (Or Riku and Sora. Or anyone, really.) One meter panel is 54" by 39". It is available configured to include tie fabric (rotated 45 degrees) or just be the plaid.

One panel is enough to do a pleated skirt using either two 19" lengths (giving you about ~90" worth of fabric to pleat down into a 19" long skirt) or three 50"x12" lengths (~135" worth of fabric to pleat down into a 12" skirt). Pleated skirts generally take 2-3x as much fabric as your waist measurement; for example, to do a skirt with 3" pleats (6" per pleat) for a 32" waist, it would take 64" of fabric. The pattern scale works beautifully for 2" pleats.

(You can see a tutorial on planning pleats here:

Fabric is printed on a poly twill. It is medium weight and 100% polyester, which means it makes very crisp pleats.

Tie panel has the plaid centered and works with most standard tie patterns. Tie has max length of 38" if you're doing it in one piece.

Printed in Montreal by Art of Where.
As all products are custom-printed and made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for production!





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