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Annette's Crusher Axe Relic [3D Print Files]

Annette's Crusher Axe Relic [3D Print Files]

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Dangerous Ladies' 3D models for Annette's Crusher relic.
Model by Jennifer Rezny (@quicksparrows)

.stl format. Finishes at 60" long. ***This is an extremely big and long print. I cannot stress how large this is so I have included a picture of what this looks like next to a 5'6" woman.***

Pre-sliced for printing on 300x300x300 bed. Many pieces will fit on a 200mm tall bed, but the head is so huge that it can't be cut down further without adding a ton more seams. As is, it prints in 51 pieces.

The head is hollow to cut weight. There's a small hole through to the middle of the "fronds" too so if you want to foam fill it, you have the option. The cavity is 250x250x400 so if you're wild and want to put things inside it, there's plenty of space. (What you would put in it, I have no idea, but the idea of using Crusher like a purse makes me laugh.)

Crusher assembles on the following rods:

1-1/4" PVC pipe for handle: 45.5"
1/4" dowels for head assembly: 18" x4

You can make this collapsible for travel by not permanently gluing the handle into the head, but you will lose a lot of structural integrity this way, as it is BIG.

Files include:
- Photos
- .STL files

We printed ours at 0.15 layers. We suggest keeping a moderate infill (no lower than 15%) and walls of about 1.2-1.4mm.

Please do not redistribute or resell. Intended for personal use only. Commercial use must buy a new copy for each item produced.

Feel free to tag us to show us what you print and make! We love to see finished works.

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