Dangerous Ladies Nier Replicant Cosplay

August - September Convention Order Deadlines for Cosplay Kits

If you're looking to order your cosplay kit in time for a certain convention, use this table to figure out the order deadline. These dates are loose guidelines so if you're getting close to any of the dates here, please contact us to make sure we can accommodate you!

Keep in mind that you will still need time to finish and attach your kits to your cosplay-- plan accordingly! These deadlines are for store items only and do not include commissions, or fabric orders. If we're missing a convention, leave a comment below and we'll add it to the list!

Featured in our header image is: Lutavia Cosplay at Yeticon 2023!
Photo by: Heavenly Visuals
Lutavia is wearing our Brother Nier accessories and posing with Brother Nier's Halberd.
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Start Date
Deadline to Order
Canada USA Europe
Fan Expo Chicago Aug 10 Jul 29 Jul 25 Jul 19
Otakuthon Aug 11 Jul 30 Jul 26 Jul 20
Matsuricon Aug 11 Jul 30 Jul 26 Jul 20
FanExpo Canada Aug 24 Aug 12 Aug 8 Aug 2
Dragon Con Aug 31 Aug 19 Aug 15 Aug 9
Anime Toronto Sep 1 Aug 20 Aug 16 Aug 10
GalaxyCon Austin Sep 1 Aug 20 Aug 16 Aug 10
San Japan Sep 1 Aug 20 Aug 16 Aug 10
Katsucon Feb 16 Feb 4 Jan 31 Jan 25


Dangerous Ladies Nier Replicant Cosplay
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