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Character and Kit Masterlist - Twisted Wonderland - DangerousLadies

Character and Kit Masterlist - Twisted Wonderland

A master list of all our Twisted Wonderland cosplay costumes and kits. If you're looking for a specific dorm, character, or event, you can use CTRL+F (CMD+F on Mac) and type the name.

If you don't see something you're looking for, click here to commission us!

Featured in our header image is: SilenceDrowns
Photo by: Fabrickind
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Heartslabyul Dorm Accessories Kit
Heartslabyul Dorm Emblem [Digital Pattern]
Heartslabyul Dorm Uniform Fabrics
Heartslabyul Accessories for Trey Deuce Ace Cater [3D Print Files]
Riddle Heartslabyul Accessories [3D Print Files]
Riddle's Dorm Accessories Kit
Riddle Heartslabyul Crown [3D Print Files]
Riddle's Staff [3D Print Files]
Riddle's Staff 3D Printed Kit
Riddle's Overblot Crown [3D Print Files]
Riddle's Overblot Accessories [3D Print Files]
Heartslabyul Union Fabric
Riddle Summer Fabrics

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Savanaclaw Scarf Fabric
Ruggie's Scarf
Savanaclaw Shirt Fabric
Savanaclaw Union Fabric

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Octavinelle Dorm Badge [3D Print Files]
Octavinelle Dorm Emblem [Digital Pattern]
Octavinelle Dorm Accessories Kit
Octavinelle Accessories for Floyd Jade Azul [3D Print Files]
Azul's Cane [3D Print Files]
Azul's Cane Kit
Azul's Sock Fabric
Octavinelle Union Fabric
Ursula Shell Resin Kit

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Kalim's Staff [3D Print Files]
Scarabia Union Fabric

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Pomefiore Dorm Badge [3D Print Files]
Pomefiore Dorm Emblem [Digital Pattern]
Pomefiore Dorm Accessories Kit
Pomefiore Accessories for Vil Epel Rook [3D Print Files]
Vil's Crown [3D Print Files]
Pomefiore Union Fabric

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Ignihyde Dorm Emblem [Digital Pattern]
Idia's Tablet [3D Print Files]
Idia's Skull Buddy [3D Print Files]
Idia's Skull Buddy [3D Printed Kit]
Ignihyde Union Fabric

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Diasomnia Dorm Badge [3D Print Files]
Diasomnia Dorm Emblem [Digital Pattern]
Diasomnia Dorm Accessories [3D Print Files]
Diasomnia Dorm Accessories Kit
Diasomnia Dorm Spine Pieces [3D Print Files]
Diasomnia Malleus Horns [3D Print Files]
Malleus' Spinning Wheel Staff [3D Print Files]
Malleus' Spinnning Wheel Staff [3D Printed Kit]
Diasomnia Union Fabric

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Night Raven College

Twisted Wonderland Dorm Badges [3D Print Kit]
Ceremonial Robes Buckle [3D Print Files]
Ceremonial Robes Belt Buckle Kit
Ceremonial Robes Fabric
House Pen Wands with Holders [3D Print Files]
Twisted Wonderland's House Pen Wands Kit
Crowley's Accessories [3D Print Files]
Crowley's Accessories Kit
Crowley's Finger Claws [3D Print Files]
Crowley's Mask [3D Print Files]
Crowley's Mask Kit

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Beansfest Bean-Gun [3D Print Files]
Beansfest Bean-Gun [3D Printed Kit]
Beansfest Rook's Lacrosse Stick [3D Printed Kit]
Che'Nya's Accessories [3D Print Files]
Che'nya's Accessories Kit
Rollo's Staff [3D Print Files]
Rollo's Staff [3D Printed Kit]
Starsending Wand [3D Print Files]
Starsending Wand Ribbon Fabric
Starsending Accessories [3D Print Files]

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