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Xayah and Rakan's Star Guardian Gems and Backings

Xayah and Rakan's Star Guardian Gems and Backings

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A kit for Xayah and Rakan's star guardian stars. The gems and backings are separate, so you can use them with or without. They are approximately 5", this is measured by the inner star/gem, so they're a little bigger with their backings.

If you're looking to mix and match, we have build-your-own and other character specific kits, here.

Quick tip: back the gems with tin foil or metallic paper before you put them in their backings! It'll make them shinier and more reflective.

Glue, paints and tools not included. Ships unfinished and may require sanding, filling, and painting. Resin colours may vary by batchSee our FAQ page for details. All orders are made to order and may take 2-3 weeks to produce. Fully finished products may take at least 4 weeks.





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