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Wanderer's Hat [3D Printed Kit]

Wanderer's Hat [3D Printed Kit]

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A 3D Printed Kit for Wanderer's Hat. Ships unassembled and unfinished. Comes in three different options depending on how you plan to create your cosplay:

  1. Just the hat. Includes the had and the frame
  2. The hat with fabric. Includes the hat, frame, and 4 strips of heavy satin ribbon measuring 24"x 4" each.
  3. The hat, fabric, and dangles. Includes the hat, frame, 4 strips of heavy satin ribbon measuring 24"x 4" each, and the dangling pieces for the top and bottom of the ribbons.

How does this stay on your head? Good question. In game, the hat has no visible attachments, just a cut out dome inside that cups the head, but the dangles at the back would weight it to the back. I've put a 1" magnet slot inside the top of the hat; I suggest maybe putting a magnet in it and then a magnet under your wig (secured to your head) to help it stay up.

Glue, paints and tools not included. Please allow 1-2 weeks for production, as everything is made to order!

Feel free to tag us to show us what you print and make! We love to see finished works.


pla, plastic, heavy satin


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