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Venti's Lyre 3D Print and Resin Kit

Venti's Lyre 3D Print and Resin Kit

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A 3D printed and resin kit for Venti's lyre. The body is 3D printed, and many of the small accessories are resin. Strings not included. All of the gold accessories are separate pieces, so you can paint and then do final assemble. Lovely when you don't have to tape anything off, huh?

Comes in two sizes, 12" and 16".

For the strings/lights:
- I've made the body of the lyre hollow; the "top cap" piece caps it off. This cavity inside the lyre is roomy enough to fit battery packs and other electronics.
- If you want to skip electronics, the holes for the wires accommodate 4mm; you can either thread wire/cord through this for pluckable strings, or you can put 4mm acrylic rods, dowels, etc for rigid strings.
- If you want to do electronics, I suggest either running 4mm acrylic rods through these holes and installing blue lights inside the cavity to illuminate them, or run 3.2mm EL wire through them.
- The gold centre piece frame has slots in the back that correspond with the lyre body; these slots are made to fit a 1/4" magnet that is 3mm deep. This is so that if you want to access the battery hatch to flip a switch or something, you can pop off the centre gem to access it instead of tangling with the wires.
- If you choose not to light up the lyre (or do not want the gems to light up), I suggest backing the gems with foil so they reflect more light!

Kit includes:
- x1 main body (3D printed)
- x2 upper arms (3D printed)
- x1 top bar (3D printed)
- x7 top keys (resin)
- x2 top bar end caps (3D printed)
- x2 top bar keys (3D printed)
- x1 top cap (3D printed)
- x2 large left wings (resin)
- x2 large right wings (resin)
- x2 small right wings (resin)
- x2 small left wings (resin)
- x2 front gems (clear blue)
- x2 front gem backings (resin)

Glue, paints and tools not included. Please allow 1-2 weeks for production, as everything is made to order! Finished kits may take 2-3 weeks depending on how busy we are.

Materials: Resin, PLA


Resin, PLA


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