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Thancred's Shadowbringers Gunbreaker Accessories

Thancred's Shadowbringers Gunbreaker Accessories

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A kit for Thancred's Shadowbringers/Gunbreaker accessories. This kit has a whopping 148 pieces.

Kit includes:
  • X1 back belt hub
  • X1 suspender joint
  • X1 pouch form (3D printed)
  • X1 pouch front detail
  • X1 pouch lid piece
  • X1 pouch front light panel (clear blue)
  • X2 pouch sides (L+R)
  • X2 pouch brackets (L+R)
  • X2 back bottom studs
  • X2 back top studs
  • X2 back harness piece 1 (L+R)
  • X2 back harness piece 2 (L+R)
  • X2 back harness piece 3 (L+R)
  • X2 back harness piece 4 L+R)
  • X2 belt keeper wide
  • X2 belt keeper narrow
  • X10 belt chain piece
  • X10 belt chain link
  • X2 upper sleeve detail
  • X2 gauntlet plate (flexible resin)
  • X4 arm strap (flexible resin)
  • X2 back of hand plates
  • X2 thumb plate
  • X10 knuckle discs
  • X16 bangle chain pieces
  • X3 lapel mini daggers
  • X1 bullet holder tube
  • X1 bullet holder plate upper
  • X1 bullet holder plate lower
  • X16 bullet caps
  • X8 bullet PVC segments
  • X7 bullet gold details
  • X1 choker tab
  • X1 right shoulder belt ring
  • X1 right shoulder belt joint
  • X1 right shoulder belt end
  • X2 upper shoulder belt bracket
  • X2 upper shoulder belt buckle
  • X1 left shoulder strap shield
  • X2 left shoulder strap keeper
  • X1 left shoulder strap end
  • X2 waist belt joints
  • X1 belt buckle
  • X1 belt dangle (3D printed)
  • X1 belt dangle light panel (clear blue)
  • X1 chest buckle (3D printed)
  • X1 chest buckle light panel (clear blue)

Glue, paints and tools not included. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production, as everything is made to order!


Resin, PLA


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