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Thancred's Lionheart Gunbreaker [3D Printed Kit]

Thancred's Lionheart Gunbreaker [3D Printed Kit]

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A 3D printed kit for Thancred's Lionheart Gunbreaker. Ships unassembled and unfinished. Finishes at 42" and internal dowel slots for strength and keys for alignment.

The drum can be set up to spin. It mounts on the center dowel; there are two spacer rings that can be glued on either side of it to keep it in place. Alternately, if you do not wish for it to spin, you can just glue the drum in place.

There are two center dowels, which are not included:
20.5" long 1/2" dowel for lower blade
19" long 1/2" dowel for handle/upper blade

You may with to use aluminum for extra strength.

Glue, paints and tools not included. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production, as everything is made to order!




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