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Liyue Vision Gem Kit

Liyue Vision Gem Kit

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A resin kit for the Liyue Visions. Available in single and double versions, and includes a backing piece for the emblem itself. Optional add-ons for gold cold-casting.

You can get a single kit to make a one-sided pendant or a double kit to do a double-sided pendant. If you're planning to bodyshop the seams of the double sided one, we suggest just getting the plain version; sanding the seam will take the gold finish off.

The Vision Gem DOES NOT come glued together. You can attach it to the back with a lot of two-part 5 min epoxy (spread thick to prevent air bubbles!) or you can add your own emblem. (Holographic stickers on the back, painting it on the back, etc.)
The best way we find is to spread the epoxy glue, spread it evenly over the back of the gem, then press it down onto the paper backing. Gently press down to push any air bubbles out and let it dry with a heavy weight on it to keep bubbles out!

If you're adding the gold cold-cast or the embedded emblem, you only need to add it once, even if you're getting a double kit.

Single Kit includes:
  • x1 backing
  • x1 gem

Double Kit includes:
  • x2 backing
  • x2 gem

Glue, paints and tools not included. Ships unfinished and may require sanding, filling, and painting. Resin colours may vary by batchSee our FAQ page for details. All orders are made to order and may take 2-3 weeks to produce. Fully finished products may take at least 4 weeks.




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