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Fuu's Sword [3D Print Files]

Fuu's Sword [3D Print Files]

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Dangerous Ladies' 3D models for Fuu's sword.
Models by Jennifer Rezny (@quicksparrows)

.stl format. Finishes 65" long, cut for printers 400mm and 300mm tall. The blade slots into the handle so you can make it disassemble for travel.

Uses the following hardware to assemble:
Blade: 39" of 1/4”, preferably aluminum for strength but you can use dowel too
Handle: 23" of 3/4", either aluminum or dowel

If you want to scale it down to 66%, you should be able to swap out the 3/4" dowel for a 1/2" one, and the 1/4" for a 1/8" one, but the tolerances will be slightly off. Drops it down to a nice 43" though!

Files include:
- Photos
- .STL files

Please do not redistribute or resell. Intended for personal use only. Commercial use must buy a new copy for each item produced.

Feel free to tag us to show us what you print and make! We love to see finished works.

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