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Alhaitham Accessories Resin Kit

Alhaitham Accessories Resin Kit

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A resin kit for Alhaitham's accessories. Available in cold-cast gold or plain resin. 

Some pieces will be 3D Printed so that they're lightweight, and some are made with flexible materials to easily fit on your costume and body.

Kit includes:

  • 2x Headband Piece (flexible)
  • 2x Ear Cup(L+R) (3D printed)
  • 1x Cable Connector 1 (3D printed)
  • 1x Cable Connector 2 (3D printed)
  • 1x Cable Connector Gem
  • 1x Chest Piece (flexible)
  • 1x Chest Gem
  • 4x Upper Arm Band (flexible)
  • 1x Front Brooch
  • 1x Front Brooch Gem
  • 2x Cape Corner A
  • 2x Cape Corner A Gem
  • 2x Cape Corner B
  • 2x Cape Corner B Gem 1
  • 2x Cape Corner B Gem 2
  • 1x Vision Gem Base
  • 1x Vision Gem Backing
  • 1x Vision Gem
  • 1x Upper Shoulder Spade
  • 2x Dangle Holder
  • 2x Dangle Gem
  • 1x Back Spade
  • 1x Back U
  • 1x Back Fan
  • 1x Back Tabard End Detail
  • 4x Cape Stars (4 sizes)
  • 2x Back of Hand Piece
  • 2x Back of Hand Gem
  • 2x Ring With Diamond
  • 2x Thumb Wrap
  • 2x Thumb Wrap Gem
  • 1x Side Tabard Crisscross (flexible)
  • 1x Tabard Chain
  • 1x Aqua Diamond
  • 1x White Diamond
  • 2x Belt End
  • 2x Belt Stud
  • 2x Belt Halo with Star
  • 1x Peacock Dangle 1
  • 1x Peacock Dangle 2
  • 3x Belt Eyes
  • 6x Skirt Stars
  • 6x Skirt Diamonds
  • 3x Hip Dangle Topper
  • 3x Hip Dangle White Topper
  • 3x Hip Dangle Blue Gem

Kits are unfinished and require sanding, painting, and assembly. Everything is made to order so please expect a 2-3 week production time!

Feel free to tag us to show us what you print and make! We love to see finished works.





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