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Venti's Lyre [3D Print Files]

Venti's Lyre [3D Print Files]

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Dangerous Ladies' 3D models for Venti's Lyre
Model by Jennifer Rezny (@quicksparrows)

.stl format. Cut to fit beds 200x200x200 or 200x200x300, but I have included many whole pieces that can fit larger printers. I've also added a "top bar mods" file where the top bar is hollow to help facilitate threading EL wires back and forth instead of doing them all individually.

For the main body:
- To print the lyre main body in one piece, you will need a printer with a 465mm height.
- You will have to put the main body piece diagonally on a 200x200 bed to fit; if you have a wider printer in one direction (258mm or higher) you can fit it straight!
- If you print the 300mm tall version, you'll only have two seams on the entire prop to patch. Everything else is seamless!

For top bar:
- If you have a printer 210mm or taller (some 200mm printers will do this anyway) you can print the "whole" top bar; it uses the same keys as the split one.
- For the split one, the keys do double duty and join both the ends and the split in the bar. This seam will be hidden by the arm of the lyre body, so you don't have to worry about patching the seam!

For the gold accessories:
- All gold pieces print separately and flat on the printer bed so you can paint them separately. In fact, the entire prop can be painted separately and then assembled later. Lovely when you don't have to tape anything off, huh?

For the strings/lights:
- I've made the body of the lyre hollow; the "top cap" piece caps it off. This cavity inside the lyre is roomy enough to fit battery packs and other electronics.
- If you want to skip electronics, the holes for the wires accommodate 4mm; you can either thread wire/cord through this for pluckable strings, or you can put 4mm acrylic rods, dowels, etc for rigid strings.
- If you want to do electronics, I suggest either running 4mm acrylic rods through these holes and installing blue lights inside the cavity to illuminate them, or run 3.2mm EL wire through them.
- The gold centre piece frame has slots in the back that correspond with the lyre body; these slots are made to fit a 1/4" magnet that is 3mm deep. This is so that if you want to access the battery hatch to flip a switch or something, you can pop off the centre gem to access it instead of tangling with the wires.
- If you choose not to light up the lyre (or do not want the gems to light up), I suggest backing the gems with foil so they reflect more light!

Files include:
- Photos
- .STL files

We printed ours at 0.1 and 0.15mm layers. We suggest keeping a moderate infill (no lower than 15%) and walls of about 1.2-1.4mm.

Please do not redistribute or resell. Intended for personal use only. Commercial use must buy a new copy for each item produced.

Feel free to tag us to show us what you print and make! We love to see finished works.

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