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Scaramouche's Hat Accessories [3D Print Files]

Scaramouche's Hat Accessories [3D Print Files]

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Dangerous Ladies' 3D models for Scaramouche's Accessories
Models by Jennifer Rezny (@quicksparrows)

.stl format. Will fit on any printer bed 200cm or larger at the base. Many pieces are great for resin printing but works great FDM as well with smaller layers. Test scale first to check on sizing to your own body! I've included a few optional differently-cut pieces for people who would rather print flat/with no supports or print solid pieces with no seams.

Depending on how you want to link things together, you may want to pick up some real hardware to connect pieces: rings for linking bells to dangling bits, screw-eyes if you want to add a top ring to the dangle, etc. Jewelry bails are great for adding tiny rings to pieces you may want to link together very subtly and they're much stronger than printed rings.

Files include:
- Photos
- .STL files

We printed ours at 0.1 mm layers. We suggest keeping a moderate infill (no lower than 15%) and walls of about 1-1.2mm.

Please do not redistribute or resell. Intended for personal use only. Commercial use must buy a new copy for each item produced.

Feel free to tag us to show us what you print and make! We love to see finished works.


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