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Lady Loki's Helmet [3D Printed Kit]

Lady Loki's Helmet [3D Printed Kit]

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A 3D printed kit for Lady Loki's helmet; it's a bit of a hybrid between versions but is largely based on the Kotobukiya version. Horns are approx 12" long; when worn they are roughly double the width of your head.

Kit includes:

We printed ours at 0.1 and 0.15mm layers. We suggest keeping walls about 1-1.2mm for the horns and the infill low; this will save weight. The faceplate itself will definitely need thick walls and a very high infill for strength; thin walls make for a flexible plate. The magnet version with the smaller horns has a thicker faceplate in general.

Because of the potential weight of the horns, you may want to consider padding the inside of the face plate with craft foam.

Two-part 5min epoxy and superglues both work for attaching elastics around the back of the faceplate, worn under the wig.

The horns optionally use four (4) 1/4" dowel pins to assemble, 1" length. You can cut these yourself from 1/4" dowelling (available conveniently in the craft section of many dollar stores) or purchase standard fluted dowel pins from any hardware store.

You can permanently attach the horns, but you can also use four (4) 1/2" magnets and four to eight (4-8) 1/4" magnets. Depending on how strong your magnets are, you may not need to use both small magnet slots on each horn; as long as the grip is firm, it's much preferable to have the horn pop off under impact/pressure than have your neck jerked if you catch something!

We recommend these magnets:

Everything is made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production.




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