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Horror House Photo Set

Project date: April 2023

Client: Coin8, Toronto

Photography: Clientele - HeavenlyVisuals | Set Photos - Nicola Yardy

Project Overview: Using pieces from our annual Blood Bath set, Dangerous Ladies teamed up with Coin8 to feature a temporary photo set available to rent by the hour. Clients used the set to shoot video game and anime horror characters, as well as more general horror content. The set was designed so it could be utilized from several angles; we used a vintage hospital bed, vintage shipping crates, vintage automotive supplies and industrial shelving to make a spread where clients could recline and lie down, as well as a wall with rusted metal paneling and burlap drapes and an old stool.

This set is available for rental; contact us for more information. Pieces available may vary.

Making of the Horror House Set

For more information on the process of making
this spooky set please click below to read
our case study!