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Venat's Sword of Light [Ready to Ship]

Venat's Sword of Light [Ready to Ship]

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A 3D printed kit for Venat's Sword of Light. Finishes at 44" proportionally. We have one of each version Ready to Ship!

The two versions are: one with the "crystal" and "metal" parts merged into one, or one where the "crystal" and the "metal" parts are printed separate. The merged version is a little easier to assemble and more stable, but the split version is easier to paint without taping things off. (The one in the picture is a merged one.)

Assembles on four internal rods, all 1/4". I suggest using aluminum for durability, but wooden dowels are fine too.

  • 22" (handle)
  • 18" (lower blade)
  • 1" x2 (side blade)

Kits does not include dowels, as they tend to be more expensive to ship than they are to buy locally! Glue, paints and tools not included.




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