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March 7th's Accessory Kit [Ready to Ship]

March 7th's Accessory Kit [Ready to Ship]

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An accessory kit for March 7th with resin pieces and 3D printed camera. The camera is, obviously, non-functional :) The gems are iridescent and shine different colours in light or sun. 

The camera attaches to the strap with four 1" magnets, but you can only use two if desired, or skip them entirely and instead glue it on permanently.

Paints, glues, and tools are not included.

Kit includes:

  • 1x Camera Main Body (3D printed)
  • 1x Camera Ring (3D printed)
  • 1x Camera Lens Ring (3D printed)
  • 1x Camera Flash (3D printed)
  • 1x Camera Side Body (3D printed)
  • 1x Camera Strap (3D printed)
  • 1x Camera Strap Gem (clear resin)
  • 4x Shoe pieces
  • 2x back shoulder triangle
  • 3x thigh and show flower
  • 2x chest buckle
  • 1x chest flower
  • 1x lanyard block
  • 1x collar clip
  • 1x ribbon clip
  • 2x clover
  • x2 hip belt buckle
  • x2 hip belt diamond
  • x5 skirt diamond (clear resin)
  • x8 gold button
  • x1 gold tab


resin, pla plastic


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